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Joel Dawson, Sculpture & Photographer: The natural landscape of Greenwich Point is inspiring to many of its visitors. But every once in a while, the rocky scape along the shoreline is transformed into a sculpture garden of meticulously balanced rocks. Where do these mysterious constructions come from? They are the inspired work of Old Greenwich resident and designer Joel Dawson, who, after more than two decades as a creative director to some of the best known names in the beauty industry, is returning to his roots as an artist. Sculpting with stones found at Greenwich Point began as a fun, creative way for Dawson to spend time with his two children when they were very young. In the past couple of years, Dawson has taken stone sculpting and balancing to another level. In the early morning before sunrise or in the late afternoon when the light is at its best, he heads to the beach. Guided by the sun, the weather, the wind, and the tides, and inspired by the rock shapes, Dawson begins to construct – balancing one rock atop another. “There’s no glue, no rods, no pebbles... just balance,” Dawson explains. “It is about what you find and what you want to make of it. The magic is when you let the rock go, and it just stays…” he says on his Web site, Visitors to the Point have embraced Dawson’s work. For many, a walk along the shoreline becomes a cultural event. Wind and waves take away this magical natural gallery; the photographs help the images live on. Framed photographs of the rock sculptures have been featured at "Images" in Old Greenwich for a one-man show. The archival quality prints, in black and white or color, reflect Dawson’s artistic eye for composition. He notes, “As my sculpting technique has evolved, so have my photographs. I’ve always gravitated toward clean, simple expression; these photographs rely solely upon nature for their beauty.” The Images one-man show contains the most extensive collection of Dawson’s prints. Dawson’s work is also currently featured in “A Pop Up Photo Exhibition” presented by Vida Geranmayeh Florian and Nuartlink in Westport, and has exhibited at Greenwich Library’s Flinn Gallery. In addition to exhibiting his work, Dawson recently received a corporate commission for an office building in New York City and in Rye Brook, NY. According to the interior designer on the project, Marcia Tucker “My client loves nature, especially the shore. We looked at a number of artists, but Joel’s work was unique in both subject and texture. The prints have a majestic quality that we hadn’t seen anywhere else.”

Late October I set out to the Point for a morning of stone balancing. The tide was already coming in so I had to work fast. I found one large and a number of other flat stones and started an arch. Time after time the stones crumbled in my hands. The stones were falling into the rising water at my feet. As the tide moved in, waves were splashing my legs and waist. After spending over an hour trying to set the stones I was not ready to give up! One last try and the arch set.

So excited I keep shooting photos until one last big wave knocked over the arch.  Enjoy!




Friends of Greenwich Point Rocks

So many people stop and want to hear more about the stone sculptures and why I build them and what my story is. We talk and enjoy the morning and these discussions add so much to the process, the day and my life. I thank you all for the kind works and support.

This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to meet a very nice family from Shanghai. They picked Greenwich as the last stop off in a long summer vacation tip around the world.  A wonderful family. Hope to see them in Shanghai someday soon.

Amazing. you never know who you will meet.

There were all there for the most recent images. The waves were crashing and I was shooting as fast as I could!